How can you make more Bitcoins?

As Bitcoin is slowly but steadily gaining more popularity, more and more users are trying to find out the best ways that they can earn more bitcoins. One of the first steps you will need to do it to open an account and a bitcoin wallet. You will also be given a unique address which you can use for transactions. After you have learnt the basics on how to make transactions and exchanges with bitcoins, you might want to find out how you can earn more bitcoins so that you can have more spendable bitcoins in your wallet.

Here are some of the best ways in which you can earn more bitcoins:

  • You can earn bitcoins through the concept of Micro earnings. These are processes which will reward you with a small amount of bitcoins for a big task. This might not be the best method to earn bitcoins, as it can take you a substantial amount of time to earn a fairly small amount of bitcoins. Some of the methods you can use for your micro earnings of bitcoins are;

  • PTC, also known as Paid to Click websites. These are websites which will offer you a very small amount of bitcoins for visiting their websites and generating clicks. However, the amount paid is almost not worth it, compared to the work you will have to put it.

  • Bitcoin faucets are an option where a website will pay you in bitcoins every few minutes for being on that website. However, even this isnt the best option for earning bitcoins.

  • Another option you can opt for it writing for bitcoins. This requires you to have adequate knowledge on the topic of bitcoins, where you can write informational posts and articles about the topic. According to your membership level on the website BitcoinTalk, you can post comments and posts on Bitcoin and get paid for them.

  • For those who are well researched on the topic of bitcoin, you can opt for writing about bitcoins on other websites and blogs. However, you will need to write a number of words per day to earn proper amount of bitcoins from your work.

  • Another option to help you Buy BTC with Paypal would be for you to get into the business of bitcoins. Here, you can supply bitcoin related services. These services include things like: blockchain developer, online marketer, mining expert, website manager, graphic design expert, etc. Share your skills and knowledge with the world and earn in bitcoins for this!

  • You can also opt to become a bitcoin escrow agent, where you will get paid in Bitcoins for arbitration in bitcoin transactions. However, you will have to first gain a good reputation for yourself in the community to gain the trust of others in this matter of business.

  • If you have the skills, you can also go for bitcoin lending. This will require you to lend your bitcoins to other users for engaging in crypto related projects. Once the project is complete, you will get back your bitcoins with interest. However, this could be a slightly risky venture depending on whom you are lending your bitcoins to.

  • Mining bitcoins might be a good option for those who are already well versed in the language of Bitcoins. However, for an amateur, this would not be the most economical option, as it requires an immense amount of studies, knowledge and mining equipment.
  • There are several websites which offer you a chance to gamble your bitcoins. However, it is obvious that this method is a high risk method, and can end up in losses as well.

These are just some of the popular options that a user can explore if he wants to earn more in bitcoins!